My alien friends


作者:author, YY Tan;editor, 5 Elements Crew;illustrator, YS Crew


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd


集叢名:The science inquirer series,Diversity:Level 2


ISBN:978-981-09-7482-4 ; 981-09-7482-5

There are many types of living and non-living things in the world. Man seeks to categorise this great variety of living and non-living things to better understand the world in which he lives. There are common threads that connect all living things and unifying factors in the diversity of non-living things that help Man to classify them. This theme brings across the importance of maintaining diversity.

  • Diversity(p.5)
  • My Alien Friends(p.6)
  • Horrible Predator(p.13)
  • Fragrant Rice(p.18)
  • The Ferocious Lion(p.25)
  • Werewolf(p.33)
  • The Adventures In Botany Kingdom(p.42)
  • The Wonders Of Garlic(p.53)
  • King Of The Jungle(p.56)
  • Do Plants Exercise?(p.64)
  • Gigantic Mammals Of The Sea(p.67)
  • Gallery Of Leaves(p.74)
  • Broccoli Under Attack?(p.78)
  • At War With A Weasel(p.84)
  • Smart Pangolin(p.93)
  • Sleepyhead(p.101)
  • The Tarsier That Does Not Eat Bananas(p.105)
  • The Slender Ornithomimus(p.113)
  • World Of Fruits(p.118)