Why do we dream?


作者:by Fire Ball Crew


出版社:Ace Mind Publishing Pte. Ltd.


集叢名:Happy dragon 100,000 whys series.:18


ISBN:978-981-11-2572-0 ; 981-11-2572-4


Why do we dream?
Why are ducks not afraid of the cold?
Why is garlie good for our health?
Happy Dragon 100,000 Whys” is a collection of questions and answers in everyday life.Happy Dragon, Boy, Girl, Bob, Papa and Mama are the characters that are involved in the mysteries related to Science. Each mystery is presented in funny and interesting comic illustrations. Each mystery is unravelled in simple language that is comprehensible and related to the scientific fact in question.
If you wish to know every answer to the 100,000 ‘whys’ and become a little genius, get a copy of “Happy Dragon 100,000 Whys”.

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