Avoid the ball


作者:author, YY Tan;editor, 5 Elements Crew;illustrator, YS Crew


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd


集叢名:The science inquirer series,Systems:Level 2


ISBN:978-981-09-7481-7 ; 981-09-7481-7

Asystem is a whole consisting of parts that work together to perform a function(s). There are natural systems as well as manmade systems. Examples of systems in nature are the digestive and respiratory systems. Examples of man-made systems are electrical and decimal systems. Understanding these systems allows Man to understand how they operate and how parts influence and interact with one another to perform a function.

  • Systems(p.5)
  • Avoid The Ball(p.6)
  • Say No To Cigarettes(p.13)
  • A Peculiar New Classmate(p.19)
  • Early To Bed And Early To Rise(p.26)
  • Healthy Sleep Positions(p.31)
  • Breathing Organs(p.35)
  • Puut... Puut... Puut...(p.42)
  • Body Language(p.47)
  • Body Language ②(p.53)
  • Stinking Ladybird(p.59)
  • Stripes On The Zebras(p.65)
  • Horses Sleep Standing(p.68)
  • Speedy Runners(p.74)
  • The Amazing Tongues(p.77)
  • The Eagle Has No Teeth(p.84)
  • I Want To Change The Colour Of My Fur!(p.87)
  • Insects’ Antennae(p.94)
  • Followers Of The Sun(p.97)
  • Plants Grow(p.101)
  • From Cocoa To Chocolate(p.109)
  • Earth’s Attire(p.116)
  • Earth’s Clothing(p.122)
  • Magnets Attract(p.125)