Healing hands:doctor



作者:by Liong Xin Yi;illustrated by Quan Ying Sheng


出版社:Ace Mind Publishing Pte. Ltd.


集叢名:Profession Series:7


ISBN:978-981-11-3033-5 ; 981-11-3033-7


A group of young and enthusiastic medical workers who joined the medical corps. Everyone works diligently in their respective field to help their patients. How will they react and what can they do when faced with difficult patients?


Story | Liong Xin Yi
Graduated from University of Malaya,specializes in Languages and Linguistics (Chinese). She has great passion for
writing, handicraft, cooking and travelling.

Illustrator | Quan Ying Sheng
A contemporary artist who works mostly on comics and ink art. His comics and ink artworks has won over 30 awards.
He became the founder of Zhong Bang Animation Company in the year 1999 and published nearly 3000 artworks.
His artworks are mostly published and distributed in China, South Korea,Thailand and several European countries.